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The ballot boxes are made of colourless cellular polycarbonate. The material used allows you to clearly witness that the ballot box is empty. At the same time, the material employed makes it possible to keep the ballot confidential thanks to the distortion of visibility (without the need to use additional envelopes).


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MULTIPLAST is an expert in the traffic and shop security mirror sector, with more than 20 years of experience in the market. Since the beginning of our operation we have been providing our clients with failure-free products which raise the security and level of control - both in production halls or shops and on roads. Choose our control or spherical mirrors and be sure that you have selected the best products at prices better than those offered by our competitors. Read more »

Modern control mirrors at a good price:

We are fully aware of how much the quality and the precision of the image is important for mirrors - both in shops and on roads. That is why we take care of every detail while manufacturing control mirrors and other types of mirrors. Our customers can expect mirrors which are:

  • visually attractive – they complement the surrounding space, being a natural decorative element which does not disturb the harmony of the interior,
  • easy to manage - to follow the on-going situation on a production hall or in a shop, it is no longer necessary to make special efforts if you use our specially profiled control mirrors,
  • uniquely durable - all spherical mirrors available have been made of the excellent top class acrylic glass supplied under the valued German brand, Rohm and other world-class materials with the use of innovative technologies, which makes them last for years,
  • easy to assemble - they are all supplied with appropriate mounting elements in the set.

Why should you buy spherical mirrors from MULTIPLAST?

Apart from our experience which is our competitive advantage beyond any doubt, we can offer products tailored to your most sophisticated needs. Each client who decides to cooperate with us may expect:

  • a wide range of products - both spherical mirrors and control mirrors are ready to be used on roads and in shops - both for indoor and outdoor purposes,
  • professional selection assistance - our experts will suggest a solution which will help you avoid theft, better control the production process or raise the traffic safety level,
  • short delivery time - it usually takes about 2 business days from the moment of placing the order,
  • efficient and safe delivery of the ordered mirrors - free of charge for more than 3 pieces,
  • best prices available on the market for such quality of products.

If you are interested in ordering products such as spherical mirrors, do not hesitate to contact us.

By buying traffic and shop security mirrors from us, you choose products which will never let you down.

MULTIPLAST presents products which will allow you to significantly increase security [...] and improve process control in your production plant, reduce the number of thefts in your shop and ensure safety on the road. The mirrors are designed both for indoor and outdoor installation - on roads or in production halls. They look good, are easy to install and they provide natural decoration for the interior. All mirrors are made of Plexiglas and supplied with mounting elements.
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