Advertising lightboxes

We specialise in the production of all kinds of visual advertisements.

  • light advertisements (lightboxes) one- and two-sided available in any shape (round, oval, square, rectangular, logo-shaped);
  • advertising accessories, display and presentation elements made of acrylic glass, PVC and aluminium (e.g., plates, racks, displays, dispensers for retail packaged products such as cigarettes, sweets, canned drinks, display stands for pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, backlit display panels;
  • interior arrangements for television programmes.;

Our products are extremely durable because we develop them for you with the latest high-tech technologies and materials from the best global suppliers. We have been trusted by many renowned companies, including: Browar Żywiec, Browar Staropolski, ZPT in Brzeg, Polifarb Wrocław, Alfa Laval Argi, Zrzeszenia Aptekarstwa, Lipton, TV Polsat, and TV Wrocław (for whom we arranged the interior with the use of aluminium, acrylic glass and panoramic mirrors) and many others.